Our commitment as a Company is to achieve a healthy, productive, strong and competitive structure, being excellence our utmost aim , respecting the health and quality regulations in order to fully satisfy the consumers' needs.

During 1988 the Department of Extension was created in our Company in order to contribute to the development of better quality products by adopting new technologies to meet the markets' requirements. Nowadays, while year 2003 is under way , we consider that the re-launching of the Extension Service is fundamental and necessary to afford a close relationship with cattle breeders by incorporating their active presence to the beef business chain.

Our Targets:

- Guidance for beef health and quality requirements (Foot and Mouth Disease, Anabolics, Safety Regulations, etc), in order to preserve its natural attributes.

- Broadcast and integrate ourselves to the protagonists of the stockbreeding activity. Communicate and contribute with the available technological information in order to complement each other with the development of the productive systems of the stockbreeding activity.

- The activities of our Service will be addressed to : Producers Specialists in this activity Institutions



We will deliver presentations, lectures and personal interviews on technical and financial assistance subjects, taking into account : - Required Beef and Steer - Feeding (forage crop resources, cattle nutrition). - Costs and profitability, comparative or complementary to other agribusiness like agriculture, forestation, dairy farms, etc.

- Organic beef production.
- Availability of price statistics.
- Supplementation Essays.
- Interesting Publications.
- Visits to our industrial establishments.

These activities are mere opportunities for our contribution to the increase of the stockbreeding activity , providing our Extension Service to act as a consultant to farmers, contributing int this way in maximizing their farms profitability and ensuring a healthy and proper production to final consumers, thus, both farmers and us joined together to achieve our goals and in everyone's benefit.

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